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API-Powered PIN terminals: carefree payments.

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Pin terminals are essential devices for pin payments in physical and online stores. They consist of a card reader and keyboard, with which customers can pay securely. Debit card payments offer efficiency through fast transactions and reduced waiting times.


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Worldline Valina pinterminalOne of the main advantages of debit card payments over cash payments is the improved efficiency. With pin terminals, merchants do not have to count cash and give change, making the payment process faster. This saves valuable time and ensures a smoother and smoother handling of transactions

In addition to efficiency, debit card payments also offer more security. Unlike cash, payments via PIN terminals are processed electronically, reducing the risk of theft and loss of money. In addition, PIN terminals offer security features such as data encryption, protecting customers' financial data. This contributes to building trust with customers and reducing fraud risks.

Another important advantage of debit card payments is cost savings. Managing cash involves costs such as counting, storing and insuring money, as well as handling coins and bills. By encouraging debit card payments, companies can reduce these costs and improve their operational efficiency.

At QX-Innovations we offer simple APIs with which pin terminals can be easily integrated into your own apps or webshops. These APIs make it easy for developers and businesses to accept and process debit card payments. By using our APIs, businesses can take advantage of the benefits of debit card payments, such as improved efficiency, higher security and cost savings, while providing a seamless and reliable payment experience to their customers.

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