Order Apps

Ordering apps and Kiosks: The new way of ordering and paying in the hospitality industry

Ultimate customer experience

Order apps have dramatically changed the way customers order and pay for their meals in the hospitality industry. QX-Innovations provides these ordering apps, as well as beautifully designed kiosks in the customer's house style, further enhancing the experience.

Convenience and atmosphere with ordering apps in the hospitality industry

Order apps have revolutionized the hospitality industry by giving customers the ability to order and checkout in a whole new way. With the help of beautifully designed kiosks, kitchen screens and pick-up screens, supplied by QX-Innovations in the customer's house style, not only the ordering experience is optimized, but also the overall experience in the store is enhanced.

The convenience that ordering apps provide allows customers to place their orders instantly without having to wait in long lines. In addition, customers have full control over their orders, because they can compose their own meal and adjust it to their personal preference. This contributes to a personalized and satisfying dining experience.

The kitchen screens ensure that orders can be passed efficiently to the kitchen staff, reducing preparation time and improving service quality. The staff can follow the orders on the screens and prepare the dishes on time, resulting in a faster turnaround time and satisfied customers.

In addition, the collection screens offer customers the opportunity to easily collect their order. The screens show order status and inform customers when their order is ready for collection. This ensures a streamlined and efficient takeout process, allowing customers to quickly and easily take their meals with them.

Another benefit of ordering apps is the potential for increased customer spending. The intuitive and user-friendly interface encourages customers to explore the menu, try new dishes and add additional items to their orders. This stimulates increased turnover and profitability for the hospitality company.

The beautifully designed kiosks, kitchen screens and pick-up screens, seamlessly integrated into the customer's house style, add an extra dimension to the overall atmosphere and experience of the business. Placed in strategic locations, these screens attract attention and enhance the appeal of the location. With intuitive touchscreen functionality, they provide an interactive and enjoyable way for customers to place their orders, leaving a positive impression on the business.


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