Website lockdown

Website-Locking: strengthen the security and control of your webshops

Optimize webshop security

QX-Innovations offers advanced website locking solutions to strengthen the security and control of your webshops. Whether displaying webshops on kiosks in stores or protecting sensitive information, our software ensures that users cannot deviate from other websites or applications. Discover how our solutions help your company with optimal security and user-friendliness.

Safety first

Daka Sport kioskQX-Innovations is your trusted partner when it comes to advanced website locking solutions. Our software enables companies to securely present their webshops on kiosks in stores, with visitors unable to leave the webshop or open other applications. By providing a locked down and controlled environment, retailers can optimize the user experience and keep customers focused on their products and services.

Our website locking solutions not only offer value for displaying webshops on kiosks, but also have wide application possibilities in various other industries. Businesses looking to protect sensitive information or internal applications can benefit from our software. The ability to restrict access to other websites and applications helps businesses increase productivity and prevent unauthorized use of the Internet. With QX-Innovations' security features, companies can ensure the security of their data and protect their internal systems from external threats.

QX-Innovations is known for its leading expertise and innovative approach to website locking solutions. Our software is designed for ease of use and flexibility, so businesses can benefit from seamless implementation and customization to their specific requirements. Whether you are a small company that wants to display its webshop on kiosks in a physical store, or a larger company that requires stricter security measures, at QX-Innovations we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. Our team of experts is ready to support you in implementing powerful website locking solutions that help grow and secure your business.

Self-scan cash registers

Self-checkout checkouts are an innovative solution that transforms consumers' shopping experience. With self-scan checkouts, customers have the option to scan and pay for their own products, without the intervention of a cashier. Known as self-checkout, this technology offers significant benefits that improve both store efficiency and cost savings.

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