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Discover an effortless way to manage and sell event tickets with our innovative ticketing applications. Simplify the ticketing process, increase sales and improve the user experience. Get full control over ticketing, promotion, security, and reporting, all on one easy-to-use platform. Whether you're an event organiser, artist or venue manager, our ticketing applications are designed to increase your success. Take ticketing convenience to a whole new level with our industry-leading solutions

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Doloris kioskThe benefits of ticketing apps are numerous and make them indispensable for both event organizers and visitors of different types of attractions. First of all, ticketing apps offer the possibility to easily scan tickets purchased online at the entrance. This applies not only to events, but also to museums and amusement parks. This means less hassle with physical tickets and faster access control, avoiding long queues.

In addition, ticketing apps allow users to purchase and reserve tickets through on-site kiosks, giving them flexibility and convenience when visiting museums or theme parks. Whether you decide on the spot to attend a museum exhibit or want to buy additional tickets for a ride at an amusement park, the app makes the process simple and effortless.

Another important advantage of ticketing apps is that they provide extensive information and guidance about the location to visit. Whether it's a work of art in a museum or an attraction in an amusement park, users can find maps, directions, timetables and other relevant information in the app. This contributes to a smooth and structured visit and increases the overall satisfaction of the visitors.

As a leading provider of ticketing solutions, QX-Innovations strives to take your ticketing experience to the next level. With our advanced technology and user-friendly apps, we offer a seamless and reliable ticketing solution for events, museums and theme parks, among others. Benefit from efficient ticket management, fast access control and satisfied visitors with us as your ticketing partner

PIN terminals

Pin terminals are essential devices for pin payments in physical and online stores. They consist of a card reader and keyboard, with which customers can pay securely. Debit card payments offer efficiency through fast transactions and reduced waiting times.

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